The Sound of Crystals

For the first time in my life I experienced the other-worldly sounds of the humble, yet powerful crystal singing bowls. After a couple of hours of yoga and meditation, the session was ended with these astounding instruments (I’m unsure if you can call them that). Lying down on my back, eyes closed and edging into […]

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Radiohead.  Conjures childhood-like, hazy memories, flipping by in frames, clicking on and on. Images of birds fleeing into the dusk, rippling water, heat dazed meadows, a grumbling sea, a mountain edge. Beautiful snapshots, real and imagined, flowing by on a stream, around the carousel. Lulling you to sleep in another reality. Removed from the present. […]

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Mumbles Spoken Out Loud

To lay yourself bare, to completely surrender to someone else is a thing of bravery, of pure vulnerability. It takes courage to reveal certain hidden parts of you to someone else. Regardless of whether you trust them completely, it is always a risk to uncover yourself in ways you have never before. The fact that […]

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Yours Worn and unpretty Yielding to the touch Calculated certainty Rough and rushed   Open in tenderness Clenched in ignorance Confessors of softness Examples of endurance   Strong and defined Radiatiors of heat Created to be twined  Quicken a heartbeat    Warm she who remains  Melting down the soul Destroyers of all pains  Mold her […]

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The Lonely Hour

It is around this time, 6pm, when darkness falls and the usual sounds of my sister’s radio and the TV in the lounge begin to softly start up, that I feel the complete and utter loneliness of my soul. A type of loneliness that assures me to be the sole believer of my beliefs, the […]

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