I am not connected to anyone nor anything  The Earth nourishes my soul The breeze is my breath Warmth radiates from my skin  The streams run through my veins  My eyes are but the surface’s reflections  Storms rage inside my mind  They spill from my mouth  I am not bound to any one being No […]

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Days Like These

Day like these, days like those.  Days where you can literally smell the seasons changing. The sweet blossom scent tumbling through the air on the light breeze that tousles your hair, flitting in and out. Days where the sun is soft and warm on your skin and its rays dance and tilt around the earth, […]

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Wintry Escape

Warburton, Victoria. I forget how freeing it is to be out on the road, to look outside your window and see something different. It is so important to remove yourself from your normal routine and to travel and experience new little corners of the world/your country. This town is only two hours away from my home and […]

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Caged Jungle

Melbourne Zoo, Victoria. 35mm on Pentax K1000. Since visiting this zoo, I happened to read Yann Martel’s Life of Pi; a thought-provoking reflection on religion, life, doubt, fear and … zoos. Before I read this novel, I would have held the views of what I assume would be the majority of people’s (albeit perhaps unspoken) opinions […]

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The Sound of Crystals

For the first time in my life I experienced the other-worldly sounds of the humble, yet powerful crystal singing bowls. After a couple of hours of yoga and meditation, the session was ended with these astounding instruments (I’m unsure if you can call them that). Lying down on my back, eyes closed and edging into […]

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Radiohead.  Conjures childhood-like, hazy memories, flipping by in frames, clicking on and on. Images of birds fleeing into the dusk, rippling water, heat dazed meadows, a grumbling sea, a mountain edge. Beautiful snapshots, real and imagined, flowing by on a stream, around the carousel. Lulling you to sleep in another reality. Removed from the present. […]

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