The moon lowered her eyes

Let the tears rain in silent cries

Into the rivers and streams

Glimmering lakes and hushed seas

Clothed in sheets of darkness

Her lashes glistened in the vastness

Her light was weak and fading

Dark skies were consuming, invading

The stars were brighter than she

She was just some dim wannabe

She shied from all spectators

Hid her skin scarred with craters

She hid away her dimming glow

Cast herself in grey shadow

She wondered if she’d burned too bright

Sent them shooting out into the night

Without them it was getting cold

No stars left for night to hold

She figured this must be just

Alone with scattered stardust

In the emptiness she shivered

Her thoughts screamed, her heart quivered

Her light was not enough

The stars had finally called her bluff

She weeped into the empty night

Void of all things kind and bright

Shut her eyes as dawn awoke

And felt herself fade to smoke.


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