The lonely city

Of crowded lanes

Blaring horns

Angry citizens

At what?

Busy lives

Of no importance

We are all alone

Walking our lonely ways

I pass you all

Street by street

Faces of steel

Blending into the scrapers

That cage you

Well come here

I’ve found the door

To the sun

And rolling parks

Of green

Take a breath

Relax your shoulders

Don’t you see?

It is glorious here

Why must you all frown

At me

At each other

My insignificance

It is frightening

I often find myself


What would happen

If I were to fall

Right now

Who would stop

In the chaotic rush

To help?

Homeless line the streets

Nobody lies by them

My heart aches




Lonelier than anything
I think the disinterest

Is the most harrowing

Nobody looks my way

And if they do

It is with a look

Of anger

At what

I am unsure

It is belittling


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