There Will Be Nights

There will be nights when the only sound are the crickets singing their love songs to the earth and the beetles burrowing deep into the ground and the trees gentle whisperings to you through the stillness of the black. Your shadow will be cast onto the dainty bricked path by the brightness of the full moon and the lamp left on for you on the front porch by your gentle, worried mother. You will lift your arms up wide and sway as you walk so to see your sweet summer dress lilt in its shadowy dance and you will feel as though you are the only human breathing and moving in this very point of time, outside in the infinite quiet, only broken by the constant hum of motors on the highway two blocks away and the songs of nocturnal creatures echoing discreetly through the night. You will feel empowered and bold and full of potential after a wise young man will fill you with love stories of life lived and the excitement needed to traverse this earth. You will be told that as an intelligent person you owe it to humanity to teach, and to do that, you must experience other worldly phenomena and meet new, different people, and fill yourself with the stories of others. You owe it to humanity to learn the culture of human nature, divided by 1000, and spread the very goodness and badness of humankind. You must love and lose and fail to succeeed in life and to attain happiness and to truly ascertain what it is you desire  in life. Without failure there is never any success. You must never give up, quite simply. Ignore the cliches and SEE that life is to be lived and it is so heart achingly short so it MUST be lived to its full potential. University will expand your mind and keep you up at night for hours on end with all of the new ideas and concepts in your brain. It will challenge you at every turn and gradually sculpt you into the woman you will become. Your beliefs and morals and faith will be moulded by your experiences at university and you just have to embrace this. It is new and it will not last long. You must Embrace it with your entire being and cherish all that it gives you. Life is made to be lived, go out and live it. This will give you purpose and you will have newfound freedom. It will be life-changing and you mustn’t downplay this – take it for all it’s got. 


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