I am not connected to anyone nor anything 

The Earth nourishes my soul

The breeze is my breath

Warmth radiates from my skin 

The streams run through my veins 

My eyes are but the surface’s reflections 

Storms rage inside my mind 

They spill from my mouth 
I am not bound to any one being

No human has ever stirred my mind, my heart, my soul 

In the way nature can 

No one has provided peace to my very core

Burned fire through my veins

Messed my hair as though the wind howls through 

Scorched my eyes with a reflection 

Of love, of magic, of purity 

Such as that which I see in the rippled surface of waters

Where does one search?

Does this exist in another human?

I am bound to the Earth 

I am bound to no one

No one but myself 

Lonely wanderer for eternity 

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