Days Like These

Day like these, days like those. 

Days where you can literally smell the seasons changing. The sweet blossom scent tumbling through the air on the light breeze that tousles your hair, flitting in and out.

Days where the sun is soft and warm on your skin and its rays dance and tilt around the earth, glinting off of every surface, brightening your vision. 

These days where you can almost taste your happiness, the simple pleasure in living and breathing the sweet, scented air. 

These days you can walk past anybody and almost feel the goodness inside of them. Where you cannot help but smile at them and ask them how they’re going. Ask them why they feel stressed, what is going on in their lives. And to actually listen. 

Days like these give you hope. Hope for your life, excitement for the future. A love for living. 

Days where you can see the gifts and opportunities laid out before you in life, laying around each sun-drenched corner, each brightened window, every passing face. 

Days like these show you the immensity of the world. The abundance of people, ideas, paths, lands, dreams. There is so much to see and know and all there is to feel is satisfied. 

Days like these let you know that there is more to life than your small corner. There are more people out there who are willing to listen to your words, to speak with you, to share a laugh, to express our thoughts and ideals. To love. 

Days where you know that life is beautiful. In the crooked smile of an elderly man, the laugh of a stranger whom you suddenly feel as though you know perfectly well. Friendships are everywhere, love is waiting in all forms. 

Days like these fill you with a certain happiness. A rarity. A pure and simple treasure. 

Days where your soul absorbs the sun’s rays and you yourself radiate from within to all around you. Days that teach you, widen your eyes to more, and show you exactly who you are supposed to be. 

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