Wintry Escape

Warburton, Victoria.

I forget how freeing it is to be out on the road, to look outside your window and see something different. It is so important to remove yourself from your normal routine and to travel and experience new little corners of the world/your country. This town is only two hours away from my home and yet I never would have thought to see such a change of scenery. The fauna, the buildings, the people; everything is altered enough to make you forget about your everyday routine, your normal, repetitive life, and for a few hours you revel in living. To breathe in the unfamiliar scents, to witness the normal, perhaps boring routines of the people who live here and to appreciate your uneventful weeks for bringing you this sense of wonder every time you experience something new.

This place in particular brought entirely new experiences. The little town of Warburton evoked a sense of quirkiness in its small hustle and bustle. The streets themselves sounded quiet, though full of tourists and the nontraditional houses partially hidden behind trees whispered of secrets and strange happenings. Surrounded by hills, forest and low-hanging fog, the town exuded both eeriness and a sense of community simultaneously. All the more reason to gaze around and stare in wonder.

Pentax K1000, 35mm film.


iPhone 5S











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