Ctrl X + Ctrl V, But Like, Literally

Last year, in VCE Art I experimented a lot with real life cut-and-paste as a part of my folio. I had about 50 ancient National Geographic magazines at my disposal in the art room and so I set about rifling through them with a pair of scissors and a stick of glue by my side. Little did I know, this method of flicking through pages of stunning imagery, old and irrelevant advertising and black and white photographs, ripping out the pages and cutting out my favourite elements would be so a) therapeutic, b) creative and c) rewarding! The actual cutting requires so much attention to minute detail and though I assume many would find that frustrating, I found it surprisingly relaxing. Plus, the end result can be crazily satisfactory – to see all your cutting and pasting create something that is your own.

However, the process of actually finding images that could pair well together or create something that makes you scrunch up your eyebrows and go “Um, what’s even going on here?” is possibly the best part. Just sticking weird things together and not necessarily intending any “meaning” to go behind it is a creative outlet of its own. Not all artwork has to have a message or speak to you in a certain way. This is just play, purely for my own enjoyment and hey, I think some of these are kind of funky so I thought I may as well put them up here.

Anyway, these pages below are just a few that I’ve done in the past couple of weeks, cut out of Australian geographic magazines and weird old pattern books from the op shop (unfortunately I can’t find National Geographic magazines ANYWHERE, despite them being PRIME material for this stuff – their images are THE BEST). Also, my old work from high school is still somewhere in my folio at school, so once I get them back, I’ll post them too.

Just FYI, my scanner slightly alters how these look in real life but regardless, they’re all copied straight out of my little art diary so here you go – enjoy!





































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