The Sound of Crystals

For the first time in my life I experienced the other-worldly sounds of the humble, yet powerful crystal singing bowls. After a couple of hours of yoga and meditation, the session was ended with these astounding instruments (I’m unsure if you can call them that).

Lying down on my back, eyes closed and edging into sleep, I was startled to experience a sound unlike any other. To the ears, it sounded low and gong-like and perhaps would be uninteresting if it weren’t for the effect it had on the body as it rang out. The sounds themselves were masterful at deception. My ears simply were unable to pinpoint where the vibrations were coming from. Though I knew logically that they were coming from the bowls on the tables only a metre or two away from me, I was physically unable to orient myself. For every time the gong-like noise sounded, I felt it reverberating towards me, growing in intensity as it smoothly flowed through space, gravitated to my energy. It reached my toes and seemed to buzz through my entire being, bouncing back and forth off the walls of my mind, racing from ear to ear and wrapping itself around my entire head.

The sound would drain itself and seep away, only to be followed by a new sound, growing in volume and energy and filling my entire mind – for it did not simply enter my ears and register as any normal noise in my brain, it FILLED the entire space with an almost tangible effect.

It was purely astounding. To actually experience these sounds, to feel them reverberate inside my head and throughout my body and not just simply hear them, was incredible. I can’t say I have ever felt something so intoxicating, and well, magical. It may sound mad, but I cannot think of any other word to describe the effect that these simple ripples in the air have on your body. Sounds from another world, another universe entirely.

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