Overcast Skies

What do you do when everything you  ever thought you knew comes crumbling down around you?  Like standing in a walled garden and suddenly the walls are breaking and smashing down and the flowers are all decomposing around you and now you’re left standing in piles of rising dust and rubble and contained in the […]

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The moon lowered her eyes Let the tears rain in silent cries Into the rivers and streams Glimmering lakes and hushed seas Clothed in sheets of darkness Her lashes glistened in the vastness Her light was weak and fading Dark skies were consuming, invading The stars were brighter than she She was just some dim […]

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On a quiet, sun-drenched Thursday morning, I wandered the suburban streets of Hawthorn, Melbourne. These are the photos I took with my Pentax Espio 60S on 35mm film.

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The lonely city Of crowded lanes Blaring horns Angry citizens At what? Busy lives Of no importance We are all alone Walking our lonely ways I pass you all Street by street Faces of steel Blending into the scrapers That cage you Well come here I’ve found the door To the sun And rolling parks […]

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The River Weeps

The river weeps It’s silent burdens Flowing forever downstream Its woes lay horizontal No person would ever know The steady pace Of watered tears Forever falling forward  

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Doubt is a crippling thing. It seizes you in the night, right as you attempt to fall asleep. It begins by seeping into your thoughts, discolouring visions of your future, dreams for tomorrow. Forcing you to curl back into the shell of uncertainty. It wraps it’s hands around your hopes and taints them, forcing you […]

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There Will Be Nights

There will be nights when the only sound are the crickets singing their love songs to the earth and the beetles burrowing deep into the ground and the trees gentle whisperings to you through the stillness of the black. Your shadow will be cast onto the dainty bricked path by the brightness of the full […]

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